Friday, August 24, 2012


Being the first blog post, we wanted to keep it really simple. So here you go:

After my heavy Chindian lunch (Chinese+Indian) (don’t judge, I’ll tell y’all the story later), I decided that I had to satiate my cocoa cravings. I have this “thing” where I just have to have something sweet after a meal. Actually, many people do. So anyhow, I stumbled upon the simplest recipe ever because I didn’t have several ingredients required to make a full-fledged Choco cake. I was a little skeptical as this recipe didn’t have milk, or butter or Choco chips.

But as you can see, it went quite well!! Here’s how I whipped it up:


4 tbsp. all-purpose flour (Maida)
4 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. cocoa powder (I used Cadbury’s and I suppose this makes a difference)
2 tbsp. vegetable oil (I used sunflower since I didn’t have vegetable oil)
2.5 tbsp. water
A pinch of salt (I used 1/4th tsp. and it became too much)
A mug and a microwave, of course

Mix all the above ingredients and ensure there are no lumps of flour left behind (which almost always happens to me). Microwave it for about 1 minute depending on how gooey you want it. Mine is medium gooey.  Either way, when it’s out of the microwave, it has to be a little wet. Eat hot J and just FYI; this is about half a mug of pure unadulterated cocoa awesomeness.

And that’s how it’s done folks. Pretty easy, eh? And now, for the story of the lame name. My friend in Mumbai lives in an apartment that has a Chinese/Indian restaurant just outside called Chindian. LOL. True story. And you probably won’t know what Chindian food is if you’re not Indian/ Nepali.  And my favorite dish is Gobi Manchuri Roadside style :D (Kidding, I hate Chindian; I just wanted to use the word “manchuri” lol)

Om nom nom.


  1. I always face similar issues after lunch... Cocoa craving! Thanx hells chicken! Gonna keep this blog in mind to satisfy my cravings!

  2. Thank you all - lots more coming up :) keep checking in.