Thursday, August 23, 2012


We are not good with introductions but just so its crystal clear, this blog is about food and everything that's around it and inside it. We are random people who love to eat, cook, bake, steam, fry and of course burn. So while we have nothing unique to offer here, if you keep reading, you might just stumble upon something nasty (like dead lizards). And no, we are not sensitive to vegetarians. Or maybe we are. We don’t know yet.

We want to create an ”everything” blog. So as of now, we’re looking at recipes (vegetarian and non-veg from all over the world, bakes and cakes, sweets, desserts, pretty much everything that can go down your throat). We also care about staying healthy (some of us don’t), so you will find health tips, low calorie recipes, just as tasty substitutes and everything else that can keep you in shape.

So while we randomly experiment with everything from live animals to kiwi cheesecake (see what I mean), keep reading and trying out our stuff, and tell us what you think (we don’t really care if you don’t). We also don’t assume any responsibility for food poisoning.

Om nom nom 

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