Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Once again we have a fantastic recipe from one of my favourite chefs, Laura Vitale. Sarika made these awesome looking cookies and I was so inspired by them that I had to try them out for myself.

What makes these cookies so great is the soft texture as compared to the usual cookie hardness. These are at par with subway cookies. So if you like 'em soft, always under bake them a little bit like Sarika did. I, on the other hand, baked them for as long as the recipe said I should. They were just perfect!

You can find the recipe here:
Nutella Cookies by Laura Vitale



Before they got into the oven
 After coming out from the oven
 After cooling.


I thought I'd share somethings that could help you while making these.

1. I placed them on the upper most rack of the oven to avoid burning.
2. I lined the parchment paper (very important) with good amount of butter.
3. I didn't have parchment paper so I used wax paper. A lot of people said they had trouble using wax paper and it created a lot of smoke inside the oven. I experienced no such problem. But yes, wax leaves a residue onto the tray.
4. I didn't have an ice cream scoop so I made medium sized balls and placed them onto the tray as seen in the above picture.
5. My first batch didn't flatten as much as I wanted it to, so for the second batch I made smaller balls and pressed them a little in between my palms. So in the above picture you can see two different sized cookies, one set shaped better than the other.

And Sarika's cookies look absolutely perfect and delicious. No idea how she did them so well.

Feel free to ask anymore questions! Till then, Happy Baking.

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